Our Snack Menu

Our Club is committed to providing healthy, nutritious and tasty food and drinks for 
children during our sessions.

Our Club regards snack and meal times as an important part of the Club’s session. It represents a social time whereby all the children and adults can come together and talking about their day. This experience can also help children learn about healthy eating, and where food comes from. Children also have the opportunity to prepare snack with the supervision and support of a member of staff, this can encourage a child's independence and self-confidence. 

Below you will find the after school session snack menus 

Menu one:

Jacket Potato with Tuna/Beans and/or cheese (v)


Wraps with either Ham,Cheese,Tuna 

(variety salad is also available)  (v)

Ravioli and a Roll 


 Yoghurt or fruit

Menu two: 


Spaghetti Bolognaise and a bread roll 

Hot Dog

Sandwich Thins (v)

Ham, cheese, Tuna, marmite, jam, Lemon Curd
Children are encouraged to make healthy choices, therefore some

fillings are monitored to ensure this. 


Yoghurt or fruit

As well as a snack, we also provide fresh fruit, raw vegetables and water throughout our after school and holiday club sessions.