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 Here you can explore photos of the previous terms activities and experiences the children explored.

Shaving Foam
The children had lots of messy fun exploring the shaving foam and glitter recently. The children enjoyed drawing pictures, shapes and letters on the tables using their hands and fingers. Some children decided to use the foam to grow a beard! As well as finishing off the activity with a big foam fight. :)

 February Half Term
February Half Term was full of fun. The children enjoyed activities such as: paper mache, junk modeling, bowling, team games, baking and decorating cakes, making pizzas, a pj and movie day (with some yummy popcorn), an indoor picnic, messy gloop, pasta and shaving foam play, outdoor fun in the garden. 
As well as range of different creative activities every morning and afternoon.

Vegetable Painting
The children enjoyed experimenting with a variety of paint and vegetables to create a beautiful picture to take home. The children were supported by an adult to peal and prepare the vegetables before choosing which ones they were going to use to create their artwork.

Free Play
At Dashwood Out of School club we believe that freedom and choice is important to children.
Below are this terms child-led play photos.

                      The children enjoyed a small        The children enjoyed playing     Time for a picnic in the home-corner,
                      sleepover after a long                   races with their favorite           even teddy joined in on the fun.
                      day at school.                               vehicle                          

                       Time to explore the small-world area. From Action men to Lego.          Exploring the computers. 
                       The children explored all the toys and created new and exciting
                       ways to play with them.                           

Easter Half Term
Easter Half Term was lots of fun. We were very busy exploring a range of activities such as: baking biscuits, 
colouring Easter pictures, making bracelets, an outdoor picnic, parachute games, bowling, making our own play dough, 
and we even had a trip from the Easter bunny who created a brilliant Easter hunt just for us. 

Summer 2014

Summer 2014 has been amazing! The club has been very busy with fun trips, activities and games.  Photos will be uploaded soon.